Effective August 18, 2008, Mr. Watson is no longer practicing with the firm of Hargett & Watson, PLC. Mr. Watson has become an Assistant Federal Defender in Alexandria, Virginia. Mr. Hargett will continue his practice as Hargett Law, PLC.  Please see www.hargettlaw.com

Hargett Law, PLC

Attorney & Counselor at Law
11545 Nuckols Road, Suite C
Glen Allen, VA 23059
Phone: (804) 788-7111
Fax: (804) 915-6301

David B. Hargett and W. Todd Watson are the founding members of Hargett & Watson, PLC. Mr. Hargett devotes the majority of his practice to criminal litigation, appeals (all types), habeas cases, parole hearings, other post-conviction remedies. Mr. Watson devotes the majority of his practice to criminal and civil litigation, criminal appeals, post-conviction remedies, personal injury litigation, and family law matters, and Mr. Watson has experience as a prosecutor prior to the formation of Hargett & Watson, PLC.

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David B. Hargett and W. Todd Watson are attorneys licensed to practice law in the Commonwealth of Virginia.